60x45cm Combi-Microwave Oven



<p>This Bertazzoni Modern&nbsp;Series 60x45 cm combi microwave has 7 functions. It offers all the benefits of a multi-function electric oven and microwave oven in one. With two levels, it is big enough to cook for the whole family and features two technologies for the versatility of convection, regular or grill-heating modes. The microwave has five power levels and boost function to significantly reduce cooking times compared to a conventional oven. Controlled with a control knob and full touch TFT display. The door has a soft closing mechanism. Available in stainless steel, Carbonio, zinc and copper.</p>
  • 尺寸 60x45 cm
  • 烤箱层架 2
  • 腔体工艺 不锈钢
  • 自动烹饪模式 15 预制菜单
  • 紧凑型烤箱特点
    • 特殊功能 按时间解冻 按重量解冻
    • 尺寸 60x45 cm
    • 微波类型 微烤一体
    • 功能 对流 对流烧烤 微波 微波组合 微烤组合 烧烤
    • Total volume 38 L
    • 烤箱控制 触控 TFT 显示器
    • 自动烹饪模式 15 预制菜单
    • 烤箱内门
    • 腔体工艺 不锈钢
    • 烤箱层架 2
    • 门铰 柔性闭合
    • 烤箱把手 玻璃饰面
    • 搁架 1
    • 烤箱照明
    • 转盘数量 1 glass
  • 技术参数
    • 能效等级 A
    • 电气要求 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
    • 额定功率 3400 W
60x45cm Combi-Microwave Oven
  • 在常规对流烤箱,微烤一体和蒸烤一体之间进行选择,创造最适合您的烹饪风格的烤箱配置
  • 添加一个保温抽屉,让餐具和食物始终保持在正确的温度
  • 所有的 Bertazzoni 烤箱均可安装与相邻的橱柜齐平,并可垂直排列和水平排列